Reliable Reading Roof Repairs

Our roof repair team are used to repairing minor roof damage to more complex roof problems. We recommend you get any problems you have identified with your Roof Fixed Fast and often the lasting damage might cost you £1000's. Before you decide, call out helpful team and arrange a no obligation Roof Repair Quote on 0800 0569117.Damaged Roof Repair in Citysc

Local Roof Repairs Services Include:


Reading Storm Damaged roofs

Storms, Snow and Heavy Rain are often when our Reading customer realise they have a problem with their Roof. After a heavy storm it tends to be the first time in a while property owns look up at their roof and spot missing tiles or a wonky chimney, damage guttering or more.

My roof is leaking water, what should I do?

The majority of homes are well protected from leaking roofs, however if your Reading home or garage is leaking water from the roof do not delay in getting Roofing Service Centre Reading out to your home.

Water damage from your roof can have larger consequences of cost from joists & structural timbers to electrics and walls. Even if this is the first time you’ve found a leak – call now 0800 0569117.

Most common problems are from failed mortar, broken or loss roof tiles, degraded flat roofing and the most common of all – guttering and valley failures or blocks.

Whatever your leaking roof problem is we can help quickly and efficiently. 95% of all leaks are found and repairs (even if temporary) on the same day.

Roof Tile Repairs            

There is nothing more frustrating the have to replace roof tiles yourself. For some of our Reading customers the thought of getting up on a high ladder and then onto a roof fills them with dread. At Roofing Service Centre Reading this is ideal work for us. Quick and simply fixes as all our teams have the required ladders and materials on board.

We don’t recommend you replace tiles yourself. Some of the work we’ve done over the years have cost customers more as they have been on the roof and damaged more than they intended on fixing. In one case the customer was on his roof replacing 5 tiles, with no safety in mind he was on the roof unaided, slipped, went through the roof breaking his leg as as well his roof and ceiling below – all for trying to save £100? Thankfully we came to his wife’s help and made good all the damage in the house and the roof.

All we need to do is arrange a quick visit to look at the existing tiles to check what you have, so we can match any new owns and also ensure there are no other tiles close to breaking and agreed a time to come back and fix. Call now 0800 0569117.