Single Ply Roofing & Rubber Roofing

When it comes to getting the most from your property, it is important to ensure that you consider your roof. You want to keep the heat in your property inside and you want to keep the wind and the rain out. This is a very simplistic view of what you should be looking for from your roof but it is inevitably the aspects that people are most interested in.

At Roofing Service Centre in Reading we are proud to say that we offer a range of effective solutions for our Reading clients. We like to think that single ply roofing and rubber roofing solutions offer a wide range of benefits for all manner of clients.

If you are interested in a roofing system that is cost effective and efficient, we are pleased to discuss your needs and provide advice on which system is right for you. Both of these roofing systems can be applied to roofs of any size and it can be applied to both new roofs and existing roofs.

Should I opt for single ply roofing on my Reading Property?

One of the most obvious advantages of single ply roofing is that it can be installed in a quick and effective manner. This helps to reduce the inconvenience at your home or property but it also helps to keep the cost of the project down. If you are keen to find the best possible value for your new roof, the single ply roofing option is an obvious choice.

This system is a lightweight one which means that the other materials involved with building or securing the roof can be reduced, hopefully bringing about further financial savings. This may be more relevant for new builds but single ply can be utilised for both new build projects and for refurbishing existing projects.

While the low cost nature of the roof is of benefit, the value for money comes from the fact that the material is extremely durable. The process of hot air welding ensures that the seams are strong and reliable. This is a waterproof solution that is resistant to punctures and tears, with the vast majority of single ply roofing solutions being guaranteed for between 20 and 40 years. This is of great benefit to most clients and will ensure that the value for money obtained from the roof is of worthwhile.

20 Year Guarentee

Ruvtex Fleece Backed Membrane

A benefit of choosing this roofing process is the fact that it offers a flame free installation process. This is because the hot air welding process replaces the more traditional methods of torching, making it a far safer way to secure the roof to the building. This style of roofing is also resistant to wind and offers the maximum level of fire resistance. For people who are keen to find the most environmentally friendly solution, single ply roofing is a natural choice. The material is 100% recyclable, it doesn’t contain metals or halogens and it can greatly contribute to conserving energy within the home or building.

How much does rubber roofing cost?

When it comes to opting for rubber roofing, value for money is an extremely high factor to consider. Each property and rubber roof will be priced based on the size of roof, accessibility to the roof and valleys, along with ensuring the water can move off the roof quickly.

To find out more about rubber roofing costs, call our office to arrange a free survey your Reading property.

This style of roof is noted for lasting for at least 40 years and it is waterproof. This style of roof requires no maintenance which means that once it has been installed, there is no need to return to it or to spend any more money on it.

Rubber roofing can be installed quickly and efficiently, which means that there is no level of inconvenience to the homeowner or tenants within the property. While the effectiveness of the roof is important, the style of the roof is also suitable for the majority of clients. Rubber roofing offers a modern and attractive style of roofing, which means that a property has an aesthetically pleasing roof which offers great protection against the elements.

If you are looking to improve the reliability of your roof or you are keen to benefit from a more effective and efficient style of roof, we are happy to help. Please get in touch for advice on how we can help you.

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