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We offer a complete New Roof service -for the New quote prices in Tilehurst -Contact us. You could even get money off our service if your trade in your old tiles or slates.

Live in Tilehurst and want to replace your old roof with a Brand New Roof?

At A1 Roofing Service and Southern Roofing Tilehurst we absolutely love replacing old and tied roofs or installing new roofs on new build houses.

So how do you build a new roof?

New Roof Quote CityScFirst of all, scaffolding will be erected around your property to meet health and safety regulations. We strip off existing roof covering, and cover the roof using a high performance breathable felt.

Next, we batten the roof, fixing on every rafter with galvanized ribbed nails. Afterwards, we tile the roof in the tile/slate of your choice. We can either use dry hips and verges or the most common choice: mortar. We always ventilate roofs accordingly and all rubbish is disposed of daily, keeping your property tidy and disruption to a minimum.

We offer a complete replacement roof service - you could even get money off our service if your trade in your old tiles or slates.

How Much Does A New Roof Cost in Tilehurst?

We find every roof needs to be prices seperately, as somtimes after an initial inspect of the condition of the roof there are additional remedial works needed to make safe and ensure water run off is manageble. Talk to us before you decide you will be surprised how little a roof replacement can be - call Tilehurst Free 0800 0569117 Today.

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How much is a new roof in Tilehurst

Not Just New Roofs Tilehurst, Not Just Tilehurst

A1 Roofing Service and Southern Roofing also install flat roofs in Tilehurst & Berkshire