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A1 Flat Roof Repairs WoodleyRoofing Service & Southern Roofing Woodley roofing team offer afford and quick flat roof repairs in Woodley and across the Berkshire! We pride ourselves in top quality flat roof repairs and in fact we work on all types of roof repairs, always aim to provide the highest standard of roofing in all of our jobs. Whether it’s for your house or garage roof, our "flat roof expert" team will work hard to provide you with a functional and durable flat roof, while also looking neat and fitting in with the desired design. All of this at an affordable price!

Local Flat Roof Repair in Woodley

Call us now for an assessment! We invest a great deal of time into our initial assessment of your problem – not only will you speak directly to the person who will be heading up the work on your initial enquiry, but that same person will come to assess the roof and provide you with a comprehensive quotation, all completely free of charge.

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Flat Roof Replacement in Woodley

Over time your flat roof can become tired and worn by the conditions. We can repair or replace your flat roof in Woodley. We remove the old roof and replace it with industry leading flat roof materials.

Garage Flat Roof Specialists in Woodley

Often we find that garage flat roofs need repairing or replacement more regularly, in some cases we've replace garage roofs within 10 years of installation. Therefore we would say we are garage flat roof specialists covering Woodley and surrounding areas. Whether it be buildings using concrete fibre roof sheets, box section metal roof sheets or Metrotiles. We can install your garage roof to suit your surroundings.

Felt Roofers Woodley

Felt Roofing Installers in Woodley

Felt roofing is just one of the many options that you have when you need to replace or install your roof in Woodley. Felt roofing is waterproof and tear resistant. Felt roofing moves with the structure beneath it so as not to tear. Felt roofs have a long life span and come in 2 different ratings. 

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Fibre & Rubber Roof Installation in Woodley

We install both fibre and rubber roofs in Woodley and surrounding areas. EPDM rubber roofing stands for “ethylene propylene diene monomer” and is a durable rubber that is very similar to that used in the inner tubes of bikes. Rubber roofing gives the roof an excellent resistance to heat and is built to last. The rubber roofing comes in a variety of colours to suit your requirements. You can use darker colours to absorb heat or lighter colours to reflect it.

Not Just Flat Roofs, Not Just Woodley

Roofing Service Centre also install pitched roofs in Woodley and Berkshire

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