Marley Eternit Slate Tiles

Rivendale Fibre Cement Slate

A fibre cement slate with a finely detailed surface and dressed edges that reproduce the attractive appearance of natural slate.

birkdale fibre cement slate
Birkdale Fibre Cement Slate

A fibre cement slate with a smooth surface and dressed edges offering a traditional and pleasing look.

Garsdale fibre cement slate
Garsdale Fibre Cement Slate

A fibre cement slate with a detailed surface and square edge, closely resembling natural slate but easier and faster to install.

Thrutone fibre cement slate
Thrutone Fibre Cement Slate

A fibre cement slate with a smooth finish and square cut edges, particularly suited to complex roof geometries.

Edgemereduo interlocking slate
Duo Edgemere Interlocking Slate

A concrete interlocking slate designed to look like and blend with smaller format slates found in many regions.

Melbourn interlocking slate
Melbourne Interlocking Slate

Developed to provide a lightweight interlocking slate. Closely resembles natural slate in composition and appearance but is easier and faster to install.

Marley Eternit Clay Tiles

Ashdowne handcrafted clay plain tile

Ashdowne clay tiles are available in a range of shades and mixes making them the ideal choice in a refurbishment project or to enhance the beauty of a new build development whilst complementing the surrounding area.

Acme Single Camber Clay Plain Tile

Advances in our clay tile technology means beautiful clay roofs are now more affordable than ever, this combined with excellent environmental credentials and a range of colours and finishes available, make Acme Single Camber Clay Plain tiles a real option for your roofing project.

Acme Double Camber Clay Plain Tile

With a longitudinal and latitudinal camber, this double curve gives the designer the opportunity to create highly textured roofscapes with accentuated light and shade.

Hawkins Clay Plain Tiles

Advances in clay tile technology means that the Hawkins single camber range combines heritage with the most modern firing techniques to produce a unique colour range at an affordable price.

Domino Clay Interlocking Tile

Domino is a flat interlocking clay tile with a simple, smooth and strong shape suitable for commercial and residential projects. Hidden interlocks make the Domino tile quick and easy to fix, saving contractors time and labour costs.


Marley Eternit Concrete Tiles

Plain Tiles Concrete
Plain Tile

The authentic, traditional design of the Plain Tile gives it the look to match its outstanding versatility.

Anglia Concrete
Anglia Interlocking Tile

A single-lap interlocking concrete tile with the classic clay pantile profile and bullnosed leading edge design. Available in 5 colours, it provides an incomparable palette to work with and a gratifyingly distinctive end result.

Ashmore Concrete
Ashmore Interlocking Double Plain Tile

Ashmore is a single lap, interlocking double plain tile. The hidden interlock offers ease and speed of installation and gives the appearance of traditional double lap plain tiles. With fewer tiles per metre square required to attain the traditional appearance, Ashmore is also highly cost-effective. Available in 4 colours, including 2 colours using the new ColourLogic® technology.

Double roman
Double Roman Interlocking Tile

A modern version of the roll profile seen on roofs throughout Europe for over 2000 years, the Double Roman offers all the functional benefits of today’s interlocking concrete tile technology.

Modern1 Concrete
Modern Interlocking Tile

The Modern interlocking tile is a flat, smooth, single-lap interlocking design whose slate-like appearance is enhanced by a broken bond laying pattern.

Modern Concrete
Duo Modern Interlocking Tile

Duo Modern interlocking tile is designed to look like, and blend in with the small format slates found in many regions. 

EcoLogic Concrete
EcoLogic Ludlow Major Interlocking Tile

EcoLogic™ is a a ground-breaking new roof tile coating that will absorb asthma-causing pollutants from the air. EcoLogic is being launched in a Ludlow Major profile and this particular tile also contains much higher levels of recycled materials. 

Ludlow Major Concrete
Ludlow Major Interlocking Tile

A supremely functional, general purpose single-lap interlocking tile. The Ludlow Major interlocking tile has simple, but strong lines which exploit the interplay between light and shade, adding visual variety throughout the course of the day.

Ludlow Plus1
Ludlow Plus Interlocking Tile

The Ludlow Plus is a timeless and functional design that is ideally suited to refurbishment applications, where its size reduces wastage as well as being easier to handle on site.

Mendip Interlocking Tile

A double pantile design with elegant flowing lines, instant visual appeal and exceptional strength. The Mendip interlocking tile is available in 7 stylish colours, and is a popular choice with discerning specifiers and builders alike.

Wessex Concrete
Wessex Interlocking Tile

Designed to shed water efficiently at pitches down to 15° the Wessex interlocking tile has clean, simple lines with a pleasing minimalist style.