Redland Slate Range

 cambrian slate thumb  
Cambrian Slate

Made in Wales from over 60% recycled slate, this tops the range in both performance and looks with a proven track record on pitches down to 15°.

 landmarkslate 10 thumb  
Landmark Slate 10

With its clean lines and rich, long lasting colour, this slate captures the unmistakable style and appeal of Britain's dominant roofing material. 

 saxon slate thumb
Saxon 10

Its chamfered edge and riven surface gives the appearance of quarried slate and matches the performance of a machine-made slate with visual appeal. 

 richmond10 thumb
Richmond 10

With its thin leading edge and hidden lock, provides a cost-effective roofing solution where an authentic slate appearance is called for. 

 mockbond richmond10 thumb  
Mockbond Richmond 10

The MockBond variant of Richmond has a centre bond line to create the impression of two small units. 

 stonewold II thumb  
Stonewold II

The original flat-profile concrete interlocking slate that makes the roof easy to build even at pitches as low as 17.5° providing a cost effective roof. 

 mini stonewold thumb  
Mini Stonewold

A flat concrete slate which can be laid at pitches as low as 17.5°. Our most economical concrete slate with interlocking edges for simple construction. 

 mockbond ministonewold thumb  
Mockbond Mini Stonewold

The MockBond variant of Mini Stonewold has a centre bond line to create the impression of two small units. 

 natural slate thumb  
Natural Slate

Redland has enhanced its product range by adding a high quality natural slate available in the classic Blue/Black colour. 


Redland Profile Range

landmark double pantile thumb


Landmark Double Pantile

Designed to complement the warmth and character of the British built environment, it offers traditional appeal both in colour and profile. 

landmark double roman thumb  
Landmark Double Roman

Landmark Double Roman tiles combine our special long-lasting Landmark surface finish with the popular Double Roman profile. 

grovebury thumb


Quicker and easier to lay than single pantiles, this concrete double pantile interlocking tile provides roofscapes of gentle flowing lines.

50 double roman thumb
50 Double Roman

A classic interlocking concrete tile with a distinctive "Roman" profile available in a range of colours to blend harmoniously with any environment. 

 regent thumb  

Traditionally shaped, this concrete tile provides a striking, bold effect that blends into both historical and modern environments. 

 renown thumb  

A neat low-profile tile in a variety of through coloured and granular finishes designed to blend unobtrusively into any environment. 

norfolk pantile thumb  
Norfolk Pantile

A classic single pantile shape in a modern interlocking concrete tile available in a range of subtle through coloured finishes. 

49tile thumb  
49 Tile

A visually appealing, small interlocking cambered tile that has defined roofscapes of London and the South East for more than 50 years. 

old hollow clay pantile thumb
Old Hollow Clay Pantile

A distinctive pattern of rolls and troughs, perfectly replicates the traditional old English pantile shape, producing roofscapes of outstanding character. 

cathedral clay pantile thumb  
Cathedral Clay Pantile

Combines the character of a natural clay tile with the performance of a modern interlocking tile, to produce a striking and attractive roof. 

Redland Plain Tile Range

rosemary clay craftsman thumb
Rosemary Clay Craftsman

Warm, rustic colours combine with beautiful natural textures to create roofscapes of outstanding handcrafted character. 

rosemary clay classic thumb
Rosemary Clay Classic

A range of single and cross-cambered tiles combining the quality of hand-crafted clay with the reliability of modern machine-made techniques.

heathland thumb

A concrete plain tile with an uneven leading edge, irregular sides and textured sanded surface creating a hand-made clay appearance.

plain tile thumb
Plain Tile

A cross-cambered concrete plain tile of traditional appearance available in a wide range of colours to offer a variety of design options.

duo plain thumb

DuoPlain Tiles combine the classic proportions and good looks of traditional plain tiles with all the time and cost-saving benefits of interlocking tiles

rosemary plain craftsman ornamental thumb
Rosemary Craftsman Ornamental Plain Tiles

Single-cambered handcrafted appearence ornamental clay tiles combining quality with machine-made reliability.

rosemary plain classic ornamental thumb
Rosemary Classic Ornamental Plain Tiles

Single and cross-cambered ornamental clay tiles combining quality with machine-made reliability. 

heathland plai ornamental thumb
Heathland Ornamental Plain Tiles

Ornamental concrete plain tiles with an uneven leading edge, irregular sides and textured surface. 

concrete plain ornamental thumb
Concrete Plain Ornamental Tiles

Cross-cambered ornamental concrete plain tiles of traditional appearance in a wide range of colours.