Chimney Repairs Virgina Waters

A1 Roofing Service and Southern Roofing Virgina Waters offers all forms of chimney repairs and repointing  for homes in and around Virgina Waters. When you’re chimney fails often our customers haven’t realised for a number of months, resulting in the need for chimney repairs or total chimney rebuild. If you spot a problem don’t wait, whatever the situation, we can help call Virgina Waters 0800 0569117 now.

How Much Does it Cost to Get Your Chimney Fixed?

Firstly we need to identify the problem, which will require an inspection of the chimney and surrounding roof and walls. Once located we can then put a schedule of work and free estimate to complete the chimney repair for a fair and reasonable price.Virgina Waters Chimney Repairs

Our Local Virgina Waters’s chimney repair process include set-up (scaffolding in most cases), tear down and disposal, as well as total reconstruction of your existing chimney.

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Total chimney rebuilds

Chimney Repointing Virgina WatersThe brick and other materials that make up your home are protected by the roof and eaves. The chimney, however, sits up above the roof and is exposed to rain, snow, wind, and frost. Masonry materials deteriorate very quickly when they absorb moisture and are exposed to the elements, causing undue stress and integrity loss. Total chimney rebuilds are necessary when the chimney is leaning, has severe mortar deterioration or when severe brick spalling has occurred from ground level up. In most cases the firebox, hearth and smoke chamber do not have to be removed.

Roof line up chimney rebuilds

In this situation, substantial mortar and/or brick deterioration will have eliminated the possibility of a restoration job. The structure is torn down to the flashing area near the roofline, and then the chimney rebuild begins. 

A chimney crown is the top element of a chimney rebuild and allows maximum protection for the construction beneath by preventing the need for fireplace chimney repairs and chimney rebuilding in the future. It protects the top of the chimney, and hangs over the chimney’s edge. The mortar used in most chimney crowns is not designed for years of weather abuse without cracking, chipping or deteriorating - situations that allow water to penetrate the chimney.

To find out more, talk to one of our helpful team now to arrange a free Chimney survey: Virgina Waters 0800 0569117

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A1 Roofing Service and Southern Roofing also install flat roofs in Virgina Waters & Berkshire

Common Chimney Rebuild & Repairs

Partial chimney rebuilds

Chimney Repairs Virgina WatersSmall chimneys (no scaffolding required) or only the top few courses of a large chimney.